Get to know me. So, let me share a little about myself.

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I am Katanya Nova, your dedicated Life and Emotional Intelligence Coach and Numerologist. I am passionately committed to guiding individuals on a transformative journey toward self-awareness and emotional maturity. With a solid commitment to nurturing your personal growth, I equip you with practical tools to self-manage and self-regulate, fostering a deep self-attunement. My expert guidance aims to enhance your Emotional Intelligence, empowering you to improve your relationship with yourself and significantly elevate the quality of your life. As a facilitator of profound personal transformation, I support and inspire you at every step, ensuring your path to self-improvement is enlightening and fulfilling. 

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I have proven success as an entrepreneur, business owner, and leader in technology. With a rich history as a banker turned tech professional and inventor, I've spent over 18 years at the forefront of the I.T. and cybersecurity industry. My journey took a pivotal turn in 2006 when I ventured into Information Technology, leaving behind nearly a decade in banking.

As the former President and CEO of a leading Managed I.T. services and cybersecurity firm, I navigated the company to remarkable success before a successful exit in November 2020. My leadership and strategic vision have generated over $200M in small business market sales since 1998. I have helped thousands of people improve their lives, careers, and businesses since 2015 as an inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator, and Success Coach. 


As a certified Life Coach and Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practitioner, I bring over 27 years of leadership and personal development experience. My deep understanding of Emotional Intelligence (E.I.Q.) and spiritual intuition uniquely equip me to guide individuals through life's complexities. My mission? To help you decode life's challenges, create a personalized roadmap to success, and unlock your true potential.

Whether you aim to excel in your career, find inner peace and happiness, or significantly impact the world, I'm here to support and guide you on your journey.


Mindset Check¬ģ is more than a model; I created a transformative process based on Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques. This approach, honed over 15 years of my development and healing journey, is now a tool I share with clients and my 100K+ social media audience.

The Mindset Check¬ģ method is designed to activate your awareness process and develop self-regulation skills. This helps you navigate challenging situations with a clearer mind and a stronger sense of self.

My belief is simple yet powerful: your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, energetic state, and words shape your reality. By changing these, you can transform your life.